Application of LED Downlights and LED Strip Lights

A diode is an electronic component that has two electrodes namely the cathode and the anode. The cathode is negatively charged since it is connected to the negatively charged end of the electrode while the anode is positively charged since it is connected to the positively charged end of the electrode. With the LED (Light-emitting diode) which is a two-lead semiconductor light source, electrons fuse with one another within the device to release light energy in various colors.

One advantage of LED lighting is that it can be produced in low intensity for smaller electronic devices that consume less energy such as cell torches, remote control units. It is also applied in traffic lights that are visible in colors of red, amber and green.

LED lightLED is also applied in car interior lighting and also exterior lighting where colors range from red for brake lights, cream for reverse lights and yellow or white for front lights.

LED Downlights

An LED downlight is a light apparatus that is fixed into an opening in the ceiling of a room and that illuminates objects towards a downward direction. LED downlights range in quality since there are cheap imported downlights and there are also high quality and durable ones. Here are examples of places where LED downlights can be installed:

Kitchen Rooms

Any LED downlight bulbs can be installed since they are Eco-friendly energy savers and have a longer life span. Undercabinet kitchen are also available and exemplary for kitchen cupboards.


High power LED bulbs installed in bathroom ceilings polish the lighting effect and produce color of good quality. IP65 rated units can be installed above a shower to give a gentle, low-intensity light.

Supermarkets and Hotels

The LED ceiling lights come with a warranty of 5 years. They are of stable quality with excellent finishing color. They save almost 70 % of energy as compared to standard bulbs and they are also free of ultra-violet radiation. LED ceiling panels and tubes have in many years improved the level of lighting in supermarkets and hotels.

LED Strip Lights

A striplight is light equipment that is used majorly for lighting stages. They consist of a row of lamps where a single strip light is connected with four internal circuits. Colored glass lenses are placed within the circuit to spark off different colors.  For more information about LED Downlights and LED strip lights, contact Ace Lamps.

They can also be placed in such a way that they surround the stage to give off random colors in different directions. They can be applied in the following areas:

Sporting Arenas

A variety of LED striplights are applied in sporting arenas such as football stadiums. The lights are installed on stadiums seats and also on the interior edges of the roofing so as to illuminate the pitch. They produce various color lights and prevent electrical faults since they are water-proof. Halls rented out for sporting activities like wrestling matches also have their stages and ramps fitted with LED striplights. Gymnasiums also benefit since the most gym floors are fitted with LED striplights enhancing bright and energy-efficient lighting.

Live Concerts

During live performance by musicians on stage, different light colors are usually seen roaming in different directions since these strip lights are installed at the back stage and above the performing artists. LED strips are even brighter where more striplights are installed.

Conference Halls

Colored lights are given off ensuring that the atmosphere for meetings is created with the help of high-tech energy-saving lighting systems. This type of lighting is excellent, modern and stylish as it illuminates all corners of the hall with bright colors.